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May 29, 2018

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Vertix Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (Vertix) have developed a transport masterplan and traffic impact assessment for an integrated university campus to unite all SIT campuses in a single facility in Punggol. This masterplan sought to minimise impact on the natural environment and promote sustainable development. Vertix has worked closely with SIT and the project architects to develop a transport masterplan that blends traffic requirements as much as possible into the natural environment and hides roads under an ‘e-deck’ upon with the campus sits. Retaining a significant amount of the natural forest will help to integrate the campus with the surrounding environment. The use of ‘active modes’ has been promoted through a shared walking and cycling path that connects to downtown area and public transport is integrated through the existing light rail network. Our services sought to integrate the campus with the local Punggol community and existing and future transport options. Through our TIA, we have identified necessary roadway improvements and enhanced connectivity to personal vehicle alternatives.