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Transport Micro-Simulation Modelling

Micro-simulation modelling allows transport planners and engineers to simulate the future road network and study the impacts of proposed changes, including developments, improvements, and general changes. It also enables simulation of multimodal scenarios that allows comprehensive evaluation of large-scale, complex developments. Authorities are increasingly requiring micro-simulation analyses to determine the impacts of potential developments.

Vertix are highly experienced in the development of these models and have developed some of largest and most complex simulations in Singapore. We use PTV VISSIM software to model and simulate the performance of studied area. VISSIM is a microscopic multi-modal traffic flow simulation software that is approved and used by LTA. This software is the world leading standard in micro-simulation modelling.

Our experience in micro-simulation simulations and our relationship with LTA and other authorities will help expedite approval of your development.

Microsimulation Model of Chinatown in Singapore

Pedestrian Modelling

In situations with a high flow of pedestrians such as MRT stations, shopping malls or sports stadiums, it is important to treat the assessment of capacity for pedestrians in much the same way we do lanes of traffic. Vertix uses PTV VISWALK, a pedestrian micro-simulation package that allows us to analyse crowds of pedestrians under different scenarios; peak hour commuter movement, evacuation scenarios, queuing etc.

Vertix have been at the forefront of this emerging specialisation and have developed pedestrian simulations for MRT stations in Singapore, Jakarta and Malaysia as well as a number of high intensity commercial developments where, through collaboration with the architects we were able to:

  • Optimise the design of lobby spaces
  • Optimise pedestrian circulation & identify choke points
  • Evaluate escalator, elevator, and staircase capacity and efficiency
  • Determine adherence to fire codes
  • Identify emergency egress times

Authorities are increasingly requiring pedestrian micro-simulation evaluation of critical transport infrastructure and high-impact facilities. Vertix can efficiently develop models to improve design and obtain necessary authority approvals.

Port Gateway Study, Singapore

Vertix Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (Vertix) have conducted the transport master planning for the Port Gateway Study project, including Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA), design of transport network and transport microsimulation model.

DE101 – Feasibility Study Of Future Bus Interchanges, Singapore

Vertix Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (Vertix) conducted the feasibility study for the DE101 project, which included the design of transport infrastructures and microsimulation model for three bus interchanges and twelve transport hubs in Singapore. The bus interchanges are located at the upcoming Tengah district and Venture Drive. Some of the locations of the transport hub include Tiong Bahru, Beauty World, and Tampines North, among others.