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As part of our growth and service improvements, all of Ramboll's offices in Singapore will come together under one roof from 3 June 2019 at our new location: 20 Harbour Drive, #02-01, Singapore 117612


Pre-Approval Feasibility Study (PAFS) (En-Bloc Sale Approvals)

As of November 2017, URA requires coordination with LTA and the completion of a traffic study prior to en-bloc sales. Vertix can deliver these PAFS with a short turnaround time and expeditiously get approval for the final number of dwelling units allowed. Vertix can work on behalf of the developer or the sales committee to complete the PAFS process.

Vertix have been engaged to complete dozens of PAFS since the requirement was implemented in 2017.

Developers and Sales Committees are encouraged to reach out to LTA in advance to determine if their en-bloc requires a PAFS.

PAFS do not supersede full development TIAs, which are required for DC clearance for new construction and A&A works that qualify under the most recent LTA guidelines.

Contact for a PAFS quotation.

Traffic, Noise, Speed Survey Project for LTA

Vertix have been contracted by LTA to conduct thousands of surveys over a three year period. The surveys include traditional traffic counts in addition to speed and noise level recording. Surveys are conducted through an on-call arrangement with LTA whereby urgent and non-urgent surveys can be requested.