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Vertix + Architects

Vertix partners with architecture firms to deliver effective and user friendly transport facilities. We offer an array of services to architecture firms that can provide value to any stage of the lifecycle of a project.

Lifecycle Partnership

Through our experience conducting 500+ projects, we have found that the benefit of a transport consultant is maximised when they are engaged from the start of a project. The earlier an architect engages a transport consultant, the fewer issues arise later, reducing the cost of addressing issues and reducing overall project risk. The cost benefit for engaging a transport consultant early is significant, as a problem during design is exponentially less expensive to address than during or after construction.

Engaging Vertix as a partner in development would include the following services:

  • Concept Development – We provide input on the number of accesses required, the size of the carpark, and general advice relating to internal circulation so that these needs can be accommodated architecturally. Advice will come from our extensive experience with design and with gaining regulatory approval.
  • Design Concept Review – We evaluate the layout of the development and advise on accesses, turning radii, multimodal access, and pedestrian integration.
  • Transport Design – We design the carpark, development accesses, and other transportation elements for incorporation into the design.
  • Design Evaluation – An iterative process where we work with the project architects to refine and finalise the design. This includes evaluating turning radii within and outside of carparks, identifying carpark obstructions that could impact safety, and identifying potential safety enhancement measures such as adding convex mirrors.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Vertix conducts a full Traffic Impact Assessment for submission to the local authority. (Available only in Singapore)
  • Post Design Review – A full evaluation of all transport features of the development to identify any issues that may have arisen after final design changes are made.
  • Construction Advisement – Answer any inquiries that arise during construction regarding the transportation elements.

Regulatory Compliance

Having completed hundreds of traffic impact assessments, we are intimately familiar with navigating the regulatory approval process from a traffic standpoint. If you are only seeking approval for your current development, we can quote specifically for TIA services to help the development obtain buy-in from LTA. This service is available only in Singapore. TIAs can be completed for a flat fee.

Post-Design Review

Designs can almost always benefit from a third party objective reviewer. Vertix provides review services for designs that have already been completed. In this case, Vertix can act as a quality reviewer/checker to point out and resolve issues prior to construction, saving money and preventing schedule impacts. Post-design reviews can be completed for a flat fee.

Post-Construction Review

In some cases a project already enters or completes construction when a transport issue arises. Vertix have helped a number of clients address issues that were caused during construction or arose out of final design. We can advise on methods to mitigate the issues from an infrastructure and operational perspective.  Post construction reviews can be completed for a flat fee, inclusive of ideas to mitigate issues.