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Transport Master Planning

Vertix’s team of industry-leading transport planners have helped to design some of the largest and most complex developments in Singapore and elsewhere around the world, including Resorts World Sentosa. We understand that the experience of a development is closely linked with efficient and intuitive access and circulation.

Our approach always starts with understanding the underlying objectives for a project, identifying the design parameters and profiling end users to best provide a tailored transportation solution. We develop multi-modal solutions to cater for the unique needs of everyone’s chosen form of transportation; private car, public transport, bus, walk or cycle. We carefully analyse the expected volumes of each mode and ensure that designs carry flexibility to cater for changes over time.

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that user’s movement is considered right from their entry into the site, circulation, parking and then the pedestrian environment. We utilise the latest modelling and analysis tools to assist us with the recommendation of appropriate solutions along with many years of experience.

Traffic Design Services

On all major projects, Vertix’s senior or principal engineers engage the design teams throughout the design process, working with the architects to ensure that vehicle and pedestrian circulation as well as optimal car parking design are fully integrated into the development design. We believe that the best developments seamlessly integrate a high degree of functionality, with optimal space utilisation.

Working closely with the design teams from site layout through concept and scheme design we can optimise multi-modal access (vehicular, public transport, pedestrian and cycle) in parallel with engaging LTA and progressing the approval process. This helps to remove any unnecessary spend on circulation or GFA.

Some examples of projects where we have adopted this approach include SIT University, Mandai Nature Reserve and Woodlands Integrated Health Campus.

Transport Facilities Design

We work with architects to design all transport components to a development, including:

  • Accesses]Internal roadway layouts
  • Internal roadway layouts
  • Carpark layouts
  • Pedestrian and bicycle connections

Traffic Engineering

Vertix has an experienced team of traffic engineers and often combines traffic engineering services with traffic impact assessments / transport planning. Vertix’s traffic engineering services include:

  • Safety Audits
  • Traffic Diversion Impact Studies
  • Vehicular circulation swept path assessments using AutoTURN
  • Parking studies and design
  • Circulation analyses
  • Advisory Services

Vertix use industry leading tools such as AutoTURN and microsimulation modelling to evaluate and optimise transport designs. From carparks to development access points we can help to design, evaluate, improve, and optimise transport facilities.

In addition to these services, through our strategic partnerships we can provide a full range of engineering services.

Traffic Impact Assessments

Our experience in Traffic Impact Assessments (TIAs) is unparalleled, having completed 285 TIAs over 8 years. TIAs are undertaken to identify the impact of a new development / redevelopment on the surrounding transport network and recommend necessary measures for improvement. The scale of such impact is dependent on the type, size and location of the proposed development. These projects involve junction capacity analysis, pedestrian accessibility, parking provision, access arrangements and internal circulation and liaison with the regulator, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore. Our experience in transport project delivery spans all types of land uses:

  • Commercial and Residential Developments
  • Medical Developments
  • Educational Developments

Each of the land uses demands highly specific and specialised approaches, catering to a number of vehicle types. Vertix understands the unique contexts of each of development type, reducing risk and increasing efficiency of TIA delivery.

Pre-Approval Feasibility Study (PAFS) (En-Bloc Sale Approvals)

As of November 2017, URA requires coordination with LTA and the completion of a traffic study prior to en-bloc sales. Vertix can deliver these PAFS with a short turnaround time and expeditiously get approval for the final number of dwelling units allowed. Vertix can work on behalf of the developer or the sales committee to complete the PAFS process.

Vertix have been engaged to complete dozens of PAFS since the requirement was implemented in 2017.

Developers and Sales Committees are encouraged to reach out to LTA in advance to determine if their en-bloc requires a PAFS.

PAFS do not supersede full development TIAs, which are required for DC clearance for new construction and A&A works that qualify under the most recent LTA guidelines.

Contact for a PAFS quotation.

Intelligent Transport Systems Design

Vertix staff have worked on and delivered complex and high profile ITS projects across Asia and the USA. They are capable of delivering master planning services for local, regional, or national ITS installations, turnkey design, and construction oversight. Our staff have planned and designed:

  • Closed Circuit Television Camera Systems;
  • Parking Information & Guidance Systems;
  • Fibre Optic Communications Systems;
  • Vehicle Detection Systems;
  • Highway Advisory Radios;
  • Roadway Weather Information Systems;
  • Dynamic Message Sign Systems;
  • Ramp Metering Systems; etc.

Transport Regulatory Compliance

We understand the regulatory considerations of transport infrastructure, GFA, CFA and other regulatory constraints. Our approach is always to highlight tradeoffs and where efficiency savings can be made such that it is an open discussion with the architect and client. We have excellent working relationships with transport regulators in Singapore and within the region. We have never had a regulatory submission rejected – a record unparalleled in the transport industry.

Our relationships, especially with LTA, will improve the submission and approval process of any of our clients.

Ridership Projections

Vertix have completed numerous projects to determine potential ridership for new transport lines. Modes include rapid transit and people mover systems. In each case, Vertix have used statistically sound approaches to data collection and analysis. Ridership studies include multiple layers of surveys, including stated preference, revealed preference, and mode share site surveys. We always utilise the latest in survey technology, including internet and mobile application-based approaches, and video analytics

Resorts World Sentosa (Transport Plan & Design)

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is a world-class mixed-use development with major public attractions demanding high volumes of traffic, public transport and pedestrian connectivity. Vertix staff have worked on the RWS transport concept as-constructed today for 12 years, and continue to help RWS improve connectivity for the future.

Mandai Transport Planning

Vertix Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (Vertix) conducted the full transport master planning for the Mandai project, including Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA), design of all transport infrastructures, microsimulation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and study on the ridership forecasts of a future People Mover System (PMS).