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Vertix + EngineersVVertix can add value to a number of engineering projects such as new buildings, structures, roadways, and public transport facilities.

Traffic Engineering

Vertix can provide ad-hoc traffic engineering services to any project with a transport facility. From analysing turning radii to advising on lane width and carpark layouts, Vertix can provide valuable and cost effective input. We use AutoTURN to visualise parking operations and to help appropriately size transport facilities such as car parks and ramps. Traffic engineering services can be quoted per swept path or per project basis.

Evacuation Pedestrian Simulation

For large and complex facilities, such as entertainment or sporting venues, it can be difficult to demonstrate evacuation scenarios. Using pedestrian simulation, Vertix can help to determine the necessary size and quantity of egresses, such as staircases and escalators. The simulation can also use the tool to identify the number of pedestrians in an area or level in different operational scenarios. Vertix can also help to optimise the layout of pedestrian facilities and hallways using these simulations. Pedestrian simulation would augment, but not replace, the industry standard modelling software used for regulatory compliance.

Regional Modelling for Planning Studies

Large projects sometimes require modelling on a regional level to determine demand of a facility or attraction. Vertix have completed predictive models using various software packages for some of the largest attractions in Singapore. Using VISUM, distributed by PTV, Vertix can accurately predict regional demand that a project may generate. This information can be used to size the project and its transport facilities.