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May 29, 2018

Singapore High Speed Rail Terminus

Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will soon be connected by a high speed rail network. The Singapore terminus will be located in the Jurong East area of Singapore. Vertix have assisted in the design of the front of house pedestrian areas of the terminus, and the terminus transport wing. Vertix utilized pedestrian microsimulation models of the front of house functional areas, and vehicular microsimulation models of the transport wing.

High Speed Rail terminals have unique spatial demands. The design must cater first and foremost to the passenger experience, while still respecting the operational demands of a complex station. The following services were provided for Singapore HSR:

  1. Spatial Layout Pathfinding – Through desktop calculations and iterative pedestrian models, Vertix helped to size and position all front of house functional areas, including departures halls, CIQ and security facilities, lounges, ticketing areas, and corridors
  2. Design Verification – Pedestrian modelling is a powerful tool for validating a concept or preliminary design. In this phase, the models were used to determine levels of service and adherence to service targets such as travel time and waiting time.
  3. Contingency Planning – functional areas must cater for their design target and foreseen scenarios, such as evacuations and surge periods. Vertix used pedestrian modelling to help understand the impacts of these situations.