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July 20, 2020

Orchard Road Traffic Study

Vertix Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (Vertix) have conducted a transport study for Orchard Road, Singapore’s world-renowned shopping district and one of its busiest transport corridors.  Orchard Road attracts millions of tourists and locals each year to its retail destinations. Vertix’s traffic study examined impacts of a new development on Orchard.

Project Description

The key objectives of the study are to:

  • Understand current (2016) travel patterns to / from Orchard Road, and traffic levels of the road and surrounding network
  • Forecast future travel demand for the new development forecast years of 2021 and 2026 and;
  • Determine impacts to local and through traffic and identify improvements and mitigation measures.

Our Services

Vertix conducted over 20 traffic count surveys during peak periods at the road network and analysed the road network’s future performance.

We forecasted traffic changes based on the proposed 110,000m2 development, and conducted 20+ traffic surveys of local roads. The study minded Singapore’s changing transport outlook: reduction in car ownership, increase in cycling, and new MRT lines.

We developed a VISSIM model of the study area, which is among the most congested in Singapore. This model was used to determine the development’s impact on Orchard Road, and to identify relevant improvements to mitigate congestion.

Presented our findings to the LTA and our client’s management team. Working with LTA throughout the study, we agreed upon study parameters and approach to the evaluation.


The findings of the study provided the clients and LTA with understanding of the impacts of the development on Transport in the Orchard District.  The complex models completed for the area provided a thorough understanding of site conditions and detailed understanding of the impacts of the development.