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May 14, 2020

Dover / Ulu-Pandan Transport Master Plan

Vertix Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (Vertix) was the transport master planner for the 7,000 dwelling unit Housing and Development Board (HDB) project in Singapore. As the transport consultant for this project we were the lead designer of all transport facilities associated with the master plan. We worked closely with the architects to make transport a core focus of the overall master plan design, with heavy emphasis on reducing dependence upon personal vehicles. Vertix helped to conceptualize a master plan with innovative car-lite features that were specifically designed to encourage future residents to use public transportation, walking, cycling, an autonomous vehicle system (AV), and personal mobility usage as their primary mode of travel within the master plan and on their commute.

Project Description

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Singapore will implement a new housing project in currently vacant land in the Dover/Ulu Pandan area. The project will have up to 7,000 dwelling units by 2035.

The main objective of the project was to conceptualize the community vision, including transport and sustainability objectives, and to begin design of the master plan.

Our Services

Vertix led design of all aspects of transportation within the master plan area. Our objective was to create a car-lite community that relies less on private vehicles than a typical area of Singapore. Our tasks included:

  • Extensive traffic surveys to understand existing travel patterns
  • Interview surveys to determine the impact of car-lite measures on future travel patterns and mode share
  • Design of all internal roadways and access points and transport facilities such as Pickup/Dropoffs and carparks
  • Develop a TIA including a mesoscopic/ microscopic 3D VISSIM microsimulation model
  • Conceptualize and design car-lite infrastructure including cycling paths, cycle and personal mobility device sharing infrastructure, and an autonomous vehicle system including the guideway


The Dover/Ulu-Pandan master plan is the first to fully embrace the car-lite vision established by the Land Transport Authority. The plan includes numerous measures to reduce emphasis on personal car ownership.