As part of our growth and service improvements, all of Ramboll's offices in Singapore will come together under one roof from 3 June 2019 at our new location:

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Vertix Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd is a proud member of the Ramboll group of companies. We offer a broad range of transportation consultancy services across Asia-Pacific.

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We are transportation experts, capable of delivering:

  • Transport Master Planning
  • Pedestrian Modelling
  • Vehicle Modelling (microsimulation)
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Impact Assessments
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Design & Planning
  • Traffic Surveys using Video Analytics
  • Sound Level Meter Surveys



In our 8 year history as Vertix we have lead transport planning and advisory services on over 500 projects in Singapore and the surrounding region. From traffic impact assessments to planning world-class rail transport facilities we can tailor our services to meet your project needs.


Regulatory Compliance – we have extensive understanding of local regulatory requirements, and an exemplary record of gaining approvals. Vertix have never had a regulatory submission rejected.



Vertix staff’s experience covers the world. We regularly work on projects across Asia and have been involved in many projects further afield.


From master-planning new cities in China to designing motorways in Australia and Hungary to Intelligent Transport System (ITS) master plans in Qatar to network operations master plans in New Zealand and signal design in Myanmar, staff at Vertix have experience in infrastructure design across the world.


Where Vertix really displays its breath of worldwide experience is in development planning and design; hospitals in Singapore; shopping malls in Kazakhstan; mixed use developments in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Finland and India; and even super tall tower developments in Malaysia.


With Vertix you get the commitment of an intimate and dedicated team with the global perspective of an international firm.

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  • Singapore
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Myanmar
  • Vietnam
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Kazakhstan
  • Qatar
  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Finland
  • India
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Vertix employ a number of Technical Consultants who are skilled in transportation engineering. They are all trained in the use of various transport software like SIDRA, VISSIM, VISWALK, and AutoTURN. Together, they have delivered over 500 transport projects, including 285 TIAs, over the past 8 years. They all engage in various areas of traffic studies, traffic survey planning, data collation, junction evaluation etc., including swept path analyses, traffic impact assessments, survey data gathering and compilation, and survey equipment management.


Our staff deploy and maintain survey equipment to conduct traffic and pedestrian counts. They are skilled in traffic data collection, having completed hundreds of traffic counts, dwell time surveys, travel time surveys, and traveler information surveys.


Full C.V.’s for any of our staff are available on request.

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  • Nick Fellows

    (Managing Director)

    Nick Fellows has 25 years’ experience in all areas of transport planning and substantial involvement in many Traffic Impact Assessments in Singapore, throughout Asia, and in the UK. Nick has worked full time in Singapore since 1997, and is currently Managing Director of Vertix Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd.


    In Singapore, Nick worked at the LTA for an 18-month secondment (1997 and June 1999) where he worked with LTA’s Planning Department, helping to write Singapore’s first TIA guidelines, and evaluating TIA’s from private consultants. He has also worked for Oscar Faber (later Maunsel / AECOM) (1999 to 2003), was the Country Manager for Scott Wilson (2003 to 2005), was Regional Transportation Manager for Duffill Watts (2005 to 2006), and Managing Director of PTV Asia-Pacific (2006 to 2010).


    Nick has project-managed over 500 TIA and traffic engineering studies in Singapore in the past decade. Every project gained planning approval from the LTA and other relevant authorities.

  • Ray Krishna


    Ray is a Director of Vertix with 10 years’ experience, and has been involved in and managed hundreds of projects concerning many areas of transport, including, traffic modelling, public transport planning, parking studies, traffic management, and particularly pedestrian modelling and traffic impact assessments. Ray is highly experienced with the use of various engineering software, namely, SIDRA, VISSIM, VISUM, AutoTURN and AutoCAD. She has also had a leading technical role in more than 100 transport-related projects with Vertix since 2010. She is highly respected at LTA and is considered a local transportation expert.

  • Richard Sprosen

    (Associate Director)

    Richard is an Associate Director at Vertix and is highly experienced in the design and assessment of transportation facilities varying from city road networks and freeway design to public transport facilities and private developments of all types.


    Richard has been principal transport planner on a number of projects with capital value in excess of a billion dollars. Richard is a leader in the development of Network Operations Planning, a process that works to ensure a balance in the planning of private vehicle requirements with freight, public transport and pedestrians. Prior to moving Singapore, Richard was a leading advisor to the New Zealand government on the development of these guidelines.


    Richard is well-versed with various engineering software and has previously sat on the national committee in New Zealand for transportation modelling. He also has experience in the planning and design of intelligent transport systems infrastructure and the planning of ‘managed motorways’. These integrate the latest developments in computerised control systems to optimise transport networks.

  • Von Lopez-Levine

    (Associate Director)

    Von is an Associate Director with 10 years’ experience in traffic engineering, microsimulation modelling, and Intelligent Transportation Systems design and implementation.


    He has experience working in the USA, Singapore, Central America, and the Middle East. He brings to Vertix strong technical engineering skills in a range of transportation services and 10 years of project management experience. Von is a registered professional engineer in the USA.

  • Xu Yiheng

    (Senior Traffic Engineer)

    Yiheng is a Technical Consultant with Vertix, working on every aspect of traffic engineering and TIA studies. He has successfully modelled several large scale pedestrian and vehicular projects and is an expert in this area. Yiheng holds a Masters’ Degree in Transport from National University, Singapore.

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A photo of the Singapore City skyline and roads at night
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